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Case Study: Color-Damaged Hair

July 30, 2015

This client is due to have her roots done but as you can see the longer hair has been quite damaged from years of coloring. She used the 2 step Penetrate / Encapsulate Treatment (15 minutes per step) and look at the result. The after photo is just blow-dried hair, no product, no round brush; just her fingers as she dried her hair. The hair is so soft now and the increase in shine is amazing.

This treatment locks down the outer cuticle layer of the hair and seals each hair strand, making the hair supple and soft. By locking down the cuticle layer, light is reflected off the hair in the same direction (known as coherent scattering) as opposed to being reflected in different directions (random scattering) which causes the hair to look dull.

This treatment for damaged hair can be repeated every six months and the result maintained using the Q-Shampoo and Q-Conditioner (both are Quinoa Protein based products). If your hair is damaged from bleaching or relaxing or perming, try the at-home Penetrate / Encapsulate Treatment for dramatic results.

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