Case Study: Coarse, Dry Hair with Moderate Damage

Lubricity Hair TherapyIssue: This client has exceptionally coarse and dry hair with moderate damage from previous color-treating. Hair was lifeless and dull and difficult to style and manage.

Treatment: Client used the Penetrate/Encapsulate Treatment by Lubricity. Two 15-minute steps.

Results: Client’s hair now reflects light, showing a dramatic range of colors that were previously not visible. Dryness remained an issue for this client. She uses Q-Conditioner as a leave-in treatment prior to styling to increase the manageability and to increase curl and perception of rich, healthy hair.

Duration: Client maintains her results by using Lubricity Q-Shampoo/Q-Conditioner and repeating Penetrate/Encapsulate every 6 to 9 months.