Case Study: Resistant Hair

Lubricity Case StudyIssue: This 17-year old client has always suffered with unruly hair that would not lay down and would defy gravity. She was wearing it in a protective braid prior to the treatment because it was so prone to breakage.

Treatment: Client used the Penetrate/Encapsulate Treatment by Lubricity.Two 15-minute steps.

Results: After the Penetrate/Encapsulate Treatment, the client’s hair was incredibly soft and supple. It laid down and was easily managed with minimal breakage after being combed out. The change in color is dramatic. While the color of her hair did not actually change, the increase in shine allowed the true color to shine through. This treatment changed the way she was able to wear her hair and significantly reduced the work each day to style her hair.

Duration: Client maintains her results by using Lubricity Q-Shampoo/Q-Conditioner.