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Lubricity M-Series is an advanced approach to cleaning and conditioning hair, skin and body for men. The ultra-nourishing collection uses natural, gentle cleansers to refresh and pique the senses, without stripping away the body’s natural oils. Three straightforward steps, at your service, because fortune favors the well-groomed.

M Body Wash has nourishing bamboo extract and quinoa proteins to keep skin feeling smooth, while leaving behind an inviting, masculine scent.

M Co-Wash is formulated to be used daily to clean hair and body, and to wash away DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a cause of premature hair loss in men.

M Pre/Post Shave Beard Oil is a lightweight oil and emollient for use before or après shave that can be used to groom the dapper gentleman, or tame even the wildest beards.

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