Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take before I receive my order?

We usually ship within one to two business days. During spikes in demand, it can sometimes take longer.

Q: I recently placed and order, but I’ve changed my mind. How can I cancel?

Email to inquire about canceling your order.

Q: Is the 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment easy to do at home?

A: Yes. Using the included applicator, apply “Step 1: Penetrate” to clean, dry hair, making sure your hair is fully saturated to the point of dripping and then combing it through to ensure even distribution from root to tip. Cover hair with a plastic cap and let rest for 15 minutes. Remove cap and apply “Step 2: Encapsulate” by pouring it into your hands and covering your hair, making sure your hair is fully saturated and combing it through to ensure even distribution from root to tip. Cover hair and let rest another 15 minutes. Remove cap and rinse hair with cool water. Style as usual.

Q: How does the 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate process work?

A: Think of your hair shaft as a roof with shingles. The cuticles, like roof shingles, lift up from the hair shaft when hair is damaged by heat, sun, aggressive chemical treatments, tangles, etc. With the cuticles lifted up, the hair shaft is left exposed. Humidity, pollutants, etc. can then be absorbed into the hair shaft. When humidity moves into the hair shaft unevenly, frizz is created. Additionally, the lifted cuticles bounce light off in all directions making hair appear dull. Lifted cuticles catch on adjacent hairs and create tangles. Using a chemical approach, “Step 1: Penetrate” is absorbed INTO the hair shaft, changing the molecular structure of your natural keratin to resist humidity AND locking down cuticles to seal in your natural moisture and making the cuticles lay flat and bounce light off in a single direction, making your hair look shiny and your hair color more rich. “Step 2: Encapsulate” then fully coats each hair strand in natural silk protein, providing a seal to protect against heat and outside forces that cause frizzing and damage to hair.

Q: Does my hair have to be dry to use the Penetrate/Encapsulate?

A: Yes. When “Step 1: Penetrate” is applied to hair, it is pulled into the hair shaft and immediately begins changing the molecular structure of your hair to lock in natural proteins and lock out humidity and pollutants that cause frizz and damage. The water in wet hair can inhibit “Step 1: Penetrate” from being fully absorbed into the hair shaft, producing diminished results.

Q: Does my hair have to be clean to use the Penetrate/Encapsulate?

A.  For best results, we recommend that you apply the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment to clean, dry hair. Your hair must be dry when you apply the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment. However, so long as you fully saturate your hair when you apply “Step 1: Penetrate”, any minimal amounts of product you may have in your hair will not inhibit the effectiveness of the treatment.

Q: Will I lose my curls if I use the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment?

A: No. Unlike other treatments currently on the market, Lubricity Labs products will not make your hair board straight or make you lose your curls. What they will do is lock in your hair’s natural moisture while blocking out humidity that cause hair to frizz. You will be left with incredibly soft, shiny hair that is more manageable without frizzing or fuzzing. If you style your hair to remove your curl so that it lays straight, it will remain straight and smooth until your next wash. If you wear your hair curly, your curls will remain smooth and frizz free until your next wash.

Q: Will the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment damage my hair?

A: No. Unlike other treatments currently on the market, Lubricity Labs products use chemistry, not heat, to lock in your hair’s natural moisture while blocking out humidity, pollutants and other outside forces that cause hair to frizz. No heat means no harmful side effects and no damage to your hair.

Q: Will the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment weigh down my hair or make it look flat and limp?

A: No. The 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment locks-in your hair’s natural moisture and seals the hair so that humidity, pollutants and other outside forces that cause frizz are locked out. Any excess product that is not absorbed by your hair washes away, leaving you with incredible shine, softness and manageability without leaving behind residue or build-up that can make hair flat.

Q: Do I have to use the entire bottle of Penetrate/Encapsulate in a single use?

A: It is very important to make sure your hair is completely saturated with both “Step 1: Penetrate” and “Step 2: Encapsulate” when you treat your hair. However, if your hair is short, you may have some leftover product. You can set the unused portion(s) aside and use them for future treatments (within 12 months of opening container).

Q: How long does the Lubricity Labs Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment last?

A: The 2-step treatment is designed to last 3-6 months, depending on a variety of factors.  Regular use of the Q-shampoo and Q-conditioner enhance and maintain the 2-step treatment, resulting in more time between treatments and enhanced results.

Q: Once I open the bottles on Lubricity Labs products, how long will they last until they expire?

A: All Lubricity Labs products are good for up to 12 months after they have been opened.

Q: How is the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment different from chemical straightening treatments?

A: Lubricity Labs products use chemistry, not heat, to produce incredible results. And all Lubricity Labs ingredients are naturally derived, so there are no harmful fumes like those produced when harsh chemical treatments use heat to activate the formaldehyde and other toxins found in their formulas. Also, with Lubricity Labs 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment, your hair will retain its natural curl and body, unlike chemical straightning treatments that remove hair’s natural curl and make hair straight and flat.

Q: Will I see results if I use only the Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition?

A: Yes. Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition will help to lock in your hair’s natural moisture while keeping hair smooth and frizz free. For the most dramatic results, first treat your hair with the 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment and maintain your results with Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition. Remember to comb the Q-Condition through your hair and leave it on for at least 2 minutes before rinsing off for best results.

Q: Do I have to use the Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition after treating with Penetrate/Encapsulate?

A: For ideal results, yes. We strongly recommend that you use Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition in order to enhance and maintain your results from the 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment and to help treat your new hair growth.

Q: Will using Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition help make my hair healthier?

A: Yes. Tests have shown that the ingredients found in Lubricity Labs Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition will strengthen hair up to 55% after five uses. Your hair will be less prone to breakage, frizzing and tangling and will be softer, shinier and more manageable than ever.

Q: Are Lubricity Labs products safe to use on color treated hair?

A: Yes. If you use the 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment after you color your hair, the treatment will lock down the cuticle, holding in the color pigment and extending the life of your color up to 40% longer.

Q: Are Lubricity Labs products safe to use on African-American hair?

A: Yes. All products have been tested on African American hair and are safe.

Q: Are Lubricity Labs products tested on animals?

A: No! All Lubricity Labs products are certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny Certification).

Q: Are there Parabens, Added-Sulfates or Formaldehyde, in Lubricity Labs products?

A: No. All ingredients in Lubricity Labs products are naturally derived, sourced from items such as green apples, coconuts, and palm nuts. Lubricity Labs products do contain silicone, which are compounds made from sand and oxygen. While silicones are not naturally-occurring, they are naturally-derived.

Q: What is the difference in the Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment I do at home and the one offered at salons?

A: The 2-step Penetrate/Encapsulate treatment offered at salons uses the same ingredients as the at-home treatment, but it uses a formula with a higher concentration that should only be applied by salon professionals.

Q: I ordered from Lubricity Labs but did not receive a confirmation email. What is the status of my order?

A: Confirmation emails are sent for all purchases. It’s possible your confirmation email was sent to your junk/spam folder or that the incorrect email was entered at purchase. You can also check your order status by emailing

Q: How will I know when my Lubricity Labs products are shipped?

A: You will receive an email with shipping and tracking information as soon as your items ship.

Q: What is the Lubricity Labs return policy?

A: Although we do not accept returns or exchanges, you may cancel an order by contacting before it ships from our facility if it has not already been packed or staged for shipping.

Q: What happens if my products are damaged or found to be defective?

A: Damaged or defective products may be returned to Lubricity Labs after contacting Please be prepared to submit photo images of the damaged or defective product.

Q: How do I contact Lubricity Labs?

A: You can contact Lubricity Labs 24/7 by emailing or contacting us on our Facebook page,