The Lubricity System

The Lubricity Challenge

After watching my daughter and others suffer with hair that “poofed” whenever the humidity went up (an almost year-round occurrence here in Louisiana), I set out to design a treatment and maintenance regimen that would use recent advances in protein science and polymer chemistry to actually modify the natural protein of damaged hair and cause it to become water-repelling (hydro-phobic). By doing so, natural moisture is locked into the hair strand and humidity, air pollutants and frizz are locked out.

How the Lubricity System Works

The Lubricity System uses naturally-derived bio-polymers such as Silk Amino Acids, Quinoa Proteins, and Aloe Vera to penetrate the hair shaft and permanently bind to the natural keratin protein in your hair. These active agents change the structure of the protein in your hair making it repel humidity, dramatically increasing strength of the hair, significantly increasing the softness of your hair, and giving your hair incredible shine by increasing the ability of your hair to reflect light.

The Lubricity System is based on a clinical-strength 2-step treatment to be performed every three to six months. This treatment known as Penetrate and Encapsulate, is comprised of two solutions, applied to your hair for 15-minutes each and then rinsed out completely. The Lubricity System is then enhanced and maintained with regular use of the Q-Shampoo and Q-Conditioner.

If your hair is not out of control with frizz and you just want a huge boost of shine and softness, then you may only need the Q-Shampoo and the Q-Conditioner. All of the Lubricity System products are safe for color-treated or relaxed/permed hair. In fact, take a look at my blog and see what the Penetrate/Encapsulate can do for color or highlights that are looking a bit dull.