New Year New You - Be Frizz Free in 2020 with Lubricity!


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Snap photos. Get free stuff. Become famous! Email us your before and after photos for a chance to receive a free system box!

Complete Participation Guidelines

Hair must be completely dry. Photos must be taken from the same angle in the same lighting and show either the side or back of hair. It is suggested to have someone take these photos on your behalf. Original files must be sent for each photo. Avoid using photo filters, text overlays, or creating a collage. Photos must be as natural as possible. Avoid using any, or very little, styling product in your after photos. After performing our 2 Step Treatment, you must use our Q-Shampoo and Q-Condition exclusively for 3 weeks, as hair will continue to improve over time.

If we use your photos, we will contact you via email with further details and also obtain your shipping address so we may send your free System Box. Photos may be used for a variety of Lubricity Labs marketing purposes including but not limited to web, print, email, and social. Please email us with any questions you may have prior to photo submission: