About Us

What does a single dad do when he has a 12-year old daughter with wild and frizzy hair that grows as the humidity level rises?

Hi, my name is Dr. Boyce Clark. I am the founder and lead Cosmetic Chemist at Lubricity Labs, LLC.

Well, if that dad is a science geek with a PhD in biogeochemistry, then he researches everything he can find on the biology, anatomy, and morphology of hair to understand what causes hair to frizz. Once I understood that irregularities in the outer layer of the hair strand allow moisture (humidity) to diffuse into the hair and cause it to swell unevenly, causing it to kink and frizz, I knew I could formulate a treatment to cleanse, condition, and encapsulate the hair to keep humidity out.

It took over nine months of non-stop lab work and testing, but I was able to do it and now I want to share it with you.

All of our products are handcrafted in small batches by me and my team to ensure ultimate quality. All of our products are all made from naturally-derived ingredients, ultra-gentle cleansers, highest quality bio-compatible proteins, and are Vegan, GMO-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and Cruelty-free (if you don’t count the hundreds of hair washes my daughter had before we had the Eureka moment).

Here is a photo of my daughter’s hair before and immediately after the Penetrate/Encapsulate Treatment (only 30 minutes). She has no product in her hair in this after photo (just blow-dried). Notice how smoothed and shiny her hair is. This treatment made both of our lives easier.

Lubricity Hair Treatment w/ Alden


NOTE: Because of a recent spike in demand, it will take about 3 weeks for us to fulfill your order.